What a ‘Transcendent Experience’ really means

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SEVERAL years ago, I met a woman named Janeen Delaney who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Janeen, who grew up in a Christian household, had drifted away from religion over the years; when she received her diagnosis in 2005,…

Witness says strange hole in Mt. Adams is a UFO hangar door

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A GROUP of people attending a UFO conference in Washington State say they spotted a large opening near the top of Mt. Adams and some claim it’s an opening for alien spaceships to depart and enter. With the history of…

The mysterious giants of Catalina Island

THROUGHOUT cultures all over the world, there have long been legends of giants living amongst us, colossal beings that our ancestors saw and even worshipped, but these creatures seem to have been lost to time and regulated to pure myth.…

Paranormal team uncovers evidence of ghosts at PC museum

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- A team of paranormal investigators are looking to turn skeptics into believers with evidence they claim to have captured during an investigation at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum earlier this year. David Weatherly of…

6 chilling horror stories that happened in real life

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A “WATCHER” who sends chilling letters to your home days after you move in; mysterious texts from someone who seems to be able to see your every move; a serial killer who draws his victims before killing them. These real-life…

Reincarnation facts that science has proved

IN this article, we will talk about reincarnation facts that we know to be true according to science, religion and history. It is quite possible that reincarnation is one of the oldest beliefs in the world. Some archaeologists believe that…

Roswell’s ‘victims’ -- aliens or human?

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DURING the course of last week’s 70th anniversary festivities in Roswell, New Mexico -- specifically following my lecture on the legendary crash of July 1947 -- the subject of the controversial “Ramey Memo” surfaced. For those who don’t know, the…
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