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Haunted house for sale in Mineral Wells, Texas -- cheap!

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HAVE you ever thought about owning a haunted house … by choice, of course? Other than one big obvious drawback, there could be some real benefits … no need for cable when you have free entertainment nightly... no more annoying…

More WWII ‘ghost planes’ sighted over Derbyshire, England

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FOR some reason, central England has become one of the world’s busiest UFO hotspots lately. Dozens of strange craft have been seen in the skies above many English cities, particularly Devon, England -- which just so happens to be situated…

Alien listening project picks up 11 unusual signals

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IF you spend $100 million to listen for aliens, you probably want to see results pretty quickly, right? That’s how much Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and a few others invested in 2015 in the Breakthrough Listen project -- a 10-year…

Harvard engineers plan new ‘Real World’ geoengineering experiment

AT a recent geoengineering conference, two Harvard engineers announced plans for a real-world climate engineering experiment beginning in 2018. The science of geoengineering has increasingly become a part of the public conversation around climate change and an ever-controversial topic within…

Jimi Hendrix’s ghost and his UFO and alien encounters

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A STATUE of Jimi Hendrix on the Isle of Wight -- the island where the rock-and-roll legend performed his last concert just before his death in 1970 -- drew criticism when it was erected in 2006. Now it may be…

‘Jesus’ appears over landslide-stricken Colombian City

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TRAGEDY struck the Colombian city of Manizales earlier this month when an entire average month’s worth of rain fell in one night, causing a series of massive landslides which took the lives of seventeen people. As rescue workers continue to…

Water tunnels found under Mayan pyramid but no spaceship

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THE pyramid at Mexico’s Mayan ruin site of Palenque, known as the Temple of Inscriptions, is famous for the carved stone sarcophagus in which the Mayan ruler Pakal was buried. The image of Pakal on the tomb looks to many…

Search for tomb in Mexican pyramid yields strange statues

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FOR hundreds of years in the first millennium, the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacán was one of the most impressive architectural marvels of its time. The city is arranged with massive stepped pyramids, broad avenues leading to temples and altars,…
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