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Search for tomb in Mexican pyramid yields strange statues

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FOR hundreds of years in the first millennium, the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacán was one of the most impressive architectural marvels of its time. The city is arranged with massive stepped pyramids, broad avenues leading to temples and altars,…

Mysterious Maine Snake is an Anaconda

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THE bad news is, the mysterious snakeskin discovered a few weeks ago along the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine, belongs to an anaconda -- one of the largest species of snakes on Earth, capable of growing to 17 feet in…

Sledgehammer used on spirit house during Thailand exorcism

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OLD superstitions, like old habits, die hard. Sometimes a sledgehammer is needed. At least, that’s what a ghost hunter in Thailand claimed when he was brought in to perform an exorcism on a woman who appeared to be possessed by…

The haunting of Wells Hall

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THE building was quiet. Wells Hall, built in 1938, is home to Northwest Missouri State University’s Department of Communication and Mass Media, and two radio stations. During the school year, students work on projects, or at the campus media, at…

The world’s strangest unsolved airplane mysteries

These unexplained aviation disasters still have us scratching our heads decades later THIS story was first published on Yahoo! Travel. Plane debris that could possibly be linked to missing flight MH370 has been discovered washed up on the beach of…

Shakespeare: Dead or alive?

APRIL 23rd marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, widely considered the greatest writer in the English language, a language he actively helped shape. His reputation so far extends beyond the English-speaking world that he has been…

Atlantis: Examining the Legendary Tale of Plato

AROUND 360 BC, in his dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, the Greek philosopher Plato introduced an incredible story, a tale of an enigmatic island civilization which has since captivated the imagination of every generation that followed. This was the story…

The healthiest hearts on Earth

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THE Tsimane people of Bolivia, a tribe of approximately 16,000 individuals living along a tributary of the Amazon, may just have the healthiest hearts on earth. According to researchers, the Tsimane people have the lowest levels of artery hardening --…

Crops grown on ‘Martian’ soil are safe to eat

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A TEAM of scientists from Wageningen University in the Netherlands has successfully grown crops in synthetic Martian soil that are safe for human consumption. The team grew radishes, peas, rye wheat, and tomatoes that tested within range for any harmful…

Fear of a white lighter

THERE are all sorts of luck-related legends surrounding smoking. Some people turn one cigarette upside down in each new pack they buy, making it “lucky.” Others believe that lighting three or more cigarettes on the same match will bring on…

Hovering UFO attacks horse/causes lost time

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Nicholson, PA -- 1974-04-29: My younger brother and I were riding our bikes to town as we did every Saturday to visit friends. We pass a horse farm on the way. As we came around the corner, we heard a…
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