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10 women making their mark in science

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MODERN-DAY scientists don’t spend much time in the spotlight. After hearing that most Americans could not name even one living scientist, Auburn biologist David Steen started the hashtag #actuallivingscientist. While this effort will not lead to movie-star-like fame, it could…

Get ready for augmented reality contact lenses

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AUGMENTED Reality has become reality, as Samsung has patented the world’s first “smart” contact lenses. With the blink of an eye, one may one day be able to take a photograph. The contact lens would project an image directly into…

Why do humans still believe in souls?

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Trying to understand our inner condition by noticing patterns in nature is nothing new. Even before Hippocrates designated his four humors, Greek, Roman, and Indian doctors speculated on what various “flows” of different liquids signified. Flow was generally considered beneficial…

The Paranormal: Facts, evidence and proof

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ON the weekend of April 29-30, I spoke at the annual Kent Paranormal Weekend in Ohio. My subject: the history of the Men in Black. When all the lectures were over, there was a lively question-and-answer session. It was overseen…

The woman with a strange ‘second sight’

IT ranks among the most curious phenomena in cognitive neuroscience. A handful of people in the world have “blindsight”: they are blind, but their non-conscious brain can still sense their surroundings. Milina Cunning, from Wishaw in Scotland, lost her sight…

How to photograph UFOs according to the US military

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IN a recently declassified Department of Defense document, the US military establishes protocols for its personnel on how to photograph an unidentified flying object. The excitingly titled 2001 DoD manual, “DoD Instruction 5040.6, Life-Cycle Management of DoD Visual Information (VI)”…

A UFO dogfight in the skies

VERY often I’m asked why I am such a believer in the existence of a genuine UFO phenomenon, regardless of its ultimate point of origin -- or points of origin. Well, the answer is very simple: there are certain cases…

Alien Archives and the FBI

DIGGING through the FBI’s declassified, multi-volumed, UFO files at its vault site can be a rewarding task. Even though the files in question were declassified decades ago, there are a few stand-out nuggets of data that, perhaps years later, still…

Strange lights and clouds over the Philippines and Norway

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“ Cellophane flowers of yellow and green Towering over your head Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes And she’s gone” WHERE did she go? If she’s in Pagadian City in the Philippines, she got her camera…

A Secretary of Defense and the MIB

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WITHIN the field of Ufology, there are longstanding rumors that the May 22, 1949 death of James Forrestal -- the first U.S. Secretary of Defense -- was linked to the UFO phenomenon. So the story goes, while suffering from severe…

To solve mystery, ‘Devil in White City’ will be exhumed

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(NEWSER) -- For some who chose Dr. HH Holmes’ hotel as their lodging during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, it was a deadly mistake. The 19th-century serial killer, born Herman Webster Mudgett, had fashioned a 100-plus-room house of horrors well-equipped…

Strange aircraft sightings amid submarine rumors in California

THINGS are getting weird. But then again, when in history have they not been? North Korean numbers stations have begun broadcasting cryptic messages assigning “homework” to their clandestine services. According to the South Korea-based Yonhap News Agency, these messages list…
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