Mysterious people who emerged from accidents with amazing powers

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SINCE time unremembered there have been those among us who have stepped forth with skills, abilities, genius, perceptions, and attributes far beyond the norm. In many cases these have stemmed from some sort of genetic predestination, or even defect, leaving…

UFOs & Pilots: The Brit Files

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SINCE 1947, countless UFO sightings have been made by numerous sources all across the world. And, amongst those same reports, are a significant number that have been filed officially by pilots, both military and civilian, and, probably most famously, by…

Rising Starlets Who Bizarrely Vanished Without a Trace

SHOW BUSINESS has always had a bit of a sinister, unpleasant, and twisted side. Countless people have traveled far and wide to try and make it in the business only to have their dreams dashed or, more ominously, to rise…

Real Ghost Story: In The Shadow Of The Demon

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THROUGHOUT my life, I’ve often experienced strange things in the middle of the night, but have almost always passed them off as coincidences or figments of my imagination. I also consider myself a religious person -- not religious to the…

The Ring of Senicianus: One Ring to Rule Them All

TODAY, there are many Roman rings of gold and silver in museums and archives. However, one Roman ring stands out as legendary. Known as the Ring of Senicianus, the Ring of Silvianus, or the Vyne Ring, this gold ring was…

10 incredibly strange facts about hurricanes

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NATURAL disasters reveal something about humanity. When a storm sends 49 billion kilograms (108 billion lb) of water flying through 251 kilometer-per-hour (156 mph) winds straight into your backyard, you learn something about who you really are. When hurricanes break…

Supernatural Staffordshire: The man who vanished

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Paranormal Investigator Damon Simms brings you his latest tale of supernatural encounters in Stoke-on-Trent NOT all paranormal experiences are as dramatic as you would think. In the chronicles of supernatural encounters, there are often reports which seem almost mundane, especially…
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