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Dark synchronicity and strange deaths

COINCIDENCES can be a weird thing. Disparate things can display connections which one might have never even thought possible, and it can force us to question just what this reality of ours is trying to say, or if it is…

Soldier fulfils funeral dress death pact

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IT was a pact that only a true friend would keep. Before one of them was sent to fight in Afghanistan for the British Army, they made a deal: If one of them died, the other had to wear a…

Three-fingered alien mummies update: Eggs!

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CAN a day go by without an update on the three-fingered allegedly alien mummies of Peru? As the cries of “Hoax!” increase, so apparently do the new releases of fee-for-view videos from Gaia.com and journalist Jamie Maussan, the go-to guy…

UFOs: Close encounters and credible witnesses

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JUST a few days ago, I had to deal with a certain, tedious UFO skeptic in the field of journalism who asked a question I often get asked when the matter of UFOs surface: “Why don’t credible people see UFOs?”…

Mysterious monsters of Utah

THERE can be no doubt that the state of Utah, in the United States, has its fair share of natural wonders. Nestled up against the majestic Rocky Mountains and home of the Great Salt Lake, this is a land of…

Paranormal pterodactyls in the U.K.?

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IMAGINE driving, late at night, across the foggy moors of England and coming across what looks like nothing less than a living, breathing pterodactyl! From 1982 to 1983, a wave of sightings of such a creature -- presumed extinct for…

Arthur Yensen’s near-death experience

ARTHUR Yensen was another near-death experiencer who received knowledge of reincarnation. In August of 1932, Yensen, a university graduate, geologist, and staunch -materialist -turned -syndicated -cartoonist, decided to take some time off to research his weekly cartoon strip, “ADVENTUROUS WILLIE…
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