Hungry Ghosts: The dark side of the paranormal

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This article is excerpted from Darklore Volume 1, which is available for sale from Amazon US and Amazon UK. The Darklore anthology series features the best writing and research on paranormal, Fortean and hidden history topics, by the most respected…

Nigerian Man Buries His Father in Brand New $90,000 BMW

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A Nigerian man recently created a huge buzz online after spending $90,000 on a brand new BMW X5 and using it as a casket to bury his late father in. The man, identified simply as Azubuike, had reportedly lost his…

Tibetan Model Stuns Internet with Her Avatar-Like Features

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Tsunaina is a young Tibetan model whose unconventional beauty has taken the fashion world by storm. Her beautiful eyes, luscious lips and chiseled jawline can only be described as striking, but it’s the unique structure of her nose that really…

The Endling: Watching Species Vanish in Real Time

There is a word, sad and resonant, for the last member of dying species. The word is endling. Martha, who perished at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914, was the endling for the passenger pigeon -- the final representative of a…

Montana Manwolf report; another cryptid canid?

THERE’s been a lot of excitement in the past week over a wolf-like animal shot by a rancher near Denton in north Central Montana. It’s some kind of canid, most experts agree, and possibly some type of wolf-dog hybrid. A…

Mysterious cursed stories of Japan that can kill you

Any country with a long history and pervasive, ongoing folklore stretching back into the shadows of time is bound to have its share of spooky stories, and Japan fits this mold perfectly. Here we can find an expansive rich history…
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