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5 Macabre Cases of People Discovered Years After they Died

AS acclaimed German novelist Hans Fallada once wrote, “[E]veryone one of us will die alone”. Nowhere is that clearer than in examples of loners, hoarders, or just plain unlucky people who died without anyone noticing. In the worst case scenario,…

Ghost of Stan Laurel in Photograph at Old Movie House

A PARANORMAL investigator in England claims he met the ghost of comedic legend Stan Laurel at an old abandoned movie theater and even got a picture of the silent film spirit. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, you should…

My Alien Surgery

THIS was recently forwarded to me from the Project Avalon forum: Back home in the UK, in my little cottage with my baby boy, I just put him down for a nap and I was pottering around when I developed…

America’s secret airline is seeking flight attendants

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NO amount of air miles will get you seat aboard “Janet” -- the US government’s top secret airline that runs a daily service ferrying secret government workers to and from their jobs at the National Security Site also known as…

Could two people repopulate earth? Science weighs in

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ADAM and Eve might have managed it in the Bible, but scientifically speaking, would two people be enough to repopulate our world from scratch, despite the inevitable health issues associated with inbreeding and a limited gene pool? First of all,…

5 important things from history that no one can explain

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AS modern humans with constant access to every piece of information that has ever been known, we like to think we’re pretty smart. Surely, in these times of carbon dating, digital reconstruction, and computerized archiving, we’ve learned everything there is…

Mysterious cases of famous families stalked by sinister curses

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THROUGHOUT the world there have been numerous cases of cursed objects, places, and even people, which have for one reason or another managed to pull about them some inscrutable dark force. But can a whole family be cursed over the…

Mystic Baba Vanga’s 2018 predictions revealed

THE blind Eastern European psychic, who died in 1996, made numerous predictions about major world events. Born in Bulgaria in 1911, Baba Vanga spent most of her life in the Kozhuh mountains and was renowned the world over for her…
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