Was doppelganger a harbinger?

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“IN the summer of 2011 my 12-yr-old twin sons were having a friend sleep over. We live in a 3-story house and all 3 of the boys were in the “basement” area playing. I was on the second floor sitting on my couch reading a book. It was early evening around dusk. All was peaceful other than the ruckus the boys were making downstairs. I was sitting there half reading my book when the boys all came running loudly up the stairs. The stairwell door was on a sliding mechanism and when they got to the top, instead of sliding it, they sort of pushed on it and it came off the track. (With it off the track, it could swing back and forth). I told them I would fix the door later. Anyway, they left the door off the track and all 3 went running up to their third floor bedroom to play.

I was still on the couch when only a few seconds after all 3 had just went upstairs, I saw my son come around the corner, lift his arm and push the now swinging stairwell door open and move down the steps. He never lifted his head to look at me. His head was down the entire time, and he never said why he was going back down there. My first thought was that he looked a bit odd and moved kind of strangely. Then I thought...why didn’t he say anything???... then I figured he left something down there. This all took a matter of maybe 2-3 seconds when suddenly, I heard his voice laughing and talking loudly upstairs!! I freaked out! I jumped off the couch ran over to the stairwell looked down and called his name and he didn’t answer. (I swear to God this is a real story and every hair on my body was standing up and I had chills. I have them now just writing about it.) So, I ran upstairs and saw him sitting on the floor with his brother and their friend playing. Even though I knew it was completely impossible for him to be downstairs and upstairs at the same time, I asked him if he had somehow just gone into the basement. He of course said no.

I swept the basement looking for a “person.” I checked doors and windows and closets even though I knew that whatever that “thing” was, it looked exactly like my 12-yr-old son. It was as sold as a real person, was wearing exactly the same clothes my son had on. It was the same size as him and was able to push a solid door open and everything, only it moved a bit weird and never looked at me or spoke to me.

Nothing else happened that night and I never could explain it or understand it, until three years later, almost to the very day that the incident happened, my son was diagnosed with leukemia. He’s undergone years of terrible cancer and chemotherapy and has battled it like a warrior. He is 19 now and his treatment has now ended. He is doing great and is in remission. Praises be to the Lord! I’ve always heard that doppelgängers portend bad luck or illness but I never thought that when I saw that “thing” that looked my son it meant something bad would happen to him, but the day he was diagnosed I realized why I saw what I saw. I don’t know for sure if it was some sort of warning or not because it scared the hell out of me and it felt very sinister. I pray I never ever see it again.”
Source: Youtube comments, TheEnd3