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More WWII ‘ghost planes’ sighted over Derbyshire, England

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FOR some reason, central England has become one of the world’s busiest UFO hotspots lately.

Dozens of strange craft have been seen in the skies above many English cities, particularly Devon, England -- which just so happens to be situated near a joint U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force base. While definitive evidence of otherworldly visitors remains elusive, another odd sighting in English skies complicates many of the military testing theories surrounding the recent UFO sightings.

According to the Derbyshire Times, a World War Two-era “ghost plane” has been recently sighted by multiple Derbyshire residents. Derbyshire resident Pam Orridge described the surprising appearance of a low-flying, older prop plane just above her car as she drove with her son:

“Suddenly in front of us was an aircraft flying very low towards us. So low we thought it would crash into us but then it banked sideways and disappeared. We could not identify the aircraft other than it was old because it happened so quickly and left us quite shocked.”

Another local woman, Sandra Holland, described a similar apparition to the Derbyshire Times:
“I have never seen anything like it. It looked like it wasn’t running quite right and was going to run into us. It was sideways on and then it vanished -- it was very strange and a real shock to us.”
Sightings of ghost planes in the area actually date back decades, and are sometimes attributed to the “Dark Peak,” a highland district north of Derbyshire sometimes referred to as “England’s Bermuda Triangle.” Dozens of planes have mysteriously crashed or vanished in these highlands, including many WWII-era planes similar to those described by these recent eyewitnesses.
Could the Dark Peak be on top of some sort of temporal or geomagnetic anomaly or just a case of repeated low visibility? That still wouldn’t explain the recent mass sightings of 70-year old bombers appearing suddenly in front of Sunday drivers. A new type of military-grade holographic projector perhaps? Or just a case of Folie à deux or some other suggestive psychological phenomenon? For now, this one remains a mystery.