Israel has built a robot army

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AS Israel prepares for yet another war directly on its border , the truth about Israel’s vast military
capabilities has been largely absent in the corporate media.

However, if one were to be fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be able to travel to Israel’s
border with Syria in the north and the Gaza strip in the south, they might see what looks more or less
like a scene from RoboCop.
Israel is the first country in the world  to use unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to not only
patrol its borders but also to replace soldiers on missions, as well. The new Border Patroller model
can be armed with remote-controlled weapons, reconnaissance means, and additional components that
cannot be fitted on the traditional Guardium model it had been using for years prior.
The robot is also able to patrol underground and gather information for units that are present
on the surface. For example, it can help soldiers avoid booby-trapped tunnels.
These robots can be given pre-designated routes for their patrol, making them more or less
According to the New York Post:

The increasing use of robots by the Israel Defense Forces is part of a larger strategy to
minimize risk to soldiers when possible. In addition, soldiers require breaks, food and water. All a
Guardium needs is a full tank of gas. Other UGVs in use by the IDF include the Segev, which is based
on a Ford F-350 pickup truck.

However, this is only the beginning of Israel’s robotic capabilities. As the Post notes, the
same thing is happening in the water, too. Israeli defense contractor Rafael has developed an unmanned
patrol ship that is currently defending Israel’s strategic ports and patrolling the coastline.
Israel also has advanced a “drone that can reach Iran,” an unmanned aerial vehicle that can
stay airborne for 24 hours and is believed to be capable of launching air-to-surface missiles. Israel
has also deployed satellites far smaller than American ones that can discern objects as small as 20
inches from hundreds of miles away.
If that wasn’t enough, the small nation has also developed a tank that more or less comes with
its own personal missile defense system.
Earlier this year, Defense News reported  that Israel is readying its Iron Dome defense system
for its first intercept test in the U.S., which is aimed at selecting an interim solution for a medium
and short-range air defense system.
Not to mention that according  to former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s leaked emails, the
country has at least 200 nuclear weapons “all targeted on Tehran.”
So why is Israel going to such great lengths to modernize its army far beyond that of any
other country?
As the New York Post explains:
Due to Israel’s small size and lack of territory, all ballistic missiles deployed in the
region --  Syria, Iraq and Iran --  can reach anywhere within the country and pose a strategic and
possibly even existential threat. Israel, the developers argued, needed a system that could shoot down
enemy missiles over neighboring countries and provide overall protection for the tiny Jewish state.
In fact, a top Israeli general has already admitted  that the country cannot fight Iran alone
and would instead seek to rely on American help to take on the Islamic Republic if a direct conflict
should ever arise.
So, are Israel’s advances in military technology purely defensive and for deterrence purposes
only, or does the country’s leadership have something far more preemptive in mind in the coming years

under the Trump administration ?
Only time will tell, but one way or the other, these vast technological developments will be
frightening for the civilians caught in the middle, to say the least. Creative Commons /Activist Post