Houseboy bewitched after being caught having lungula with boss’s wife, pleads for mercy

  • Written by Mbaluto Musili
  • Published in Mysteries
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A farmhand in Busia county was left pleading for mercy, after it was alleged that his private parts became infested with maggots, after being bewitched for bedding his employer’s wife.

The man was shedding tears and desperately pleading for forgiveness from Pascal Ouma, the husband of his mistress.

According to a report by K24, his boss had warned him several times to desist from munching his wife.

“When I came back from my journey I found them together in my own bed where I sleep,” Ouma said.

Ouma’s warning fell on deaf ears and the man even bragged that his bedroom skills were far better than his boss’.

“He told me I couldn’t satisfy my wife and I didn’t understand how my own employee could tell me this,” He said.

Despite Ouma having sacked his worker, his wife still followed the farmhand, clearly smitten by the trysts and dalliances shared between them.

Incensed at the persisting intimate relationship between his wife and former employee, Ouma sought the services of a witch doctor.

“He came to me for help and I told him I would help him discipline the two,” the witch doctor said.

And the female traditional doctor did not disappoint as maggots descended on the randy farmhand, bringing him down to his knees in sheer agony.

The bewitched man was left with no choice but to beat a hasty retreat back to his boss to seek an immediate remedy for his maggot infestation.