An Alien Harvest

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THIS account was forwarded to me about the same time I started investigating the David Eckhart
encounters and abductions. Rosario’s scenario is a bit scary and may verify some concerns involving
alien intentions. In our conversation, Rosario seemed very sincere and demonstrated spontaneous emotion
when certain subjects were discussed: 

“I want to thank you for allowing me to tell my story. I have been a subscriber to your site
for over a year and it has inspired me to open up so others be made aware of the complications that
humans may face after an abduction by alien beings.”
“One early morning during the late Summer of 1990, I awoke from a very deep sleep. It was 3:35
a.m. and still dark outside, though I’d be up in an hour or so since it was harvest time on the farm.
I was feeling nervous as my heart pounded heavily. I sensed that there was someone in my
bedroom, but all I could see was a spot of light in the corner by the dresser. Suddenly, several hands
grabbed me from all around the bed. I attempted to scream but could not move or say anything, nothing
came out of my mouth.”
“Within seconds, I found myself lying on a cold hard table completely nude and terribly
uncomfortable. I looked around me and there were four small beings in hoods and loose robes standing
around me. They were conversing with each other, but I could not understand what they were saying since
it sounded like a young child’s gibberish. I felt something touching me all over my body but could see
nothing. The beings’ faces had a weird glow with sagging folds of shining skin.”
“After what seemed like forever, these beings slowing moved aside and this human-like man
walked up to my side. He was tall, bald and had very pale skin. He also had large round eyes and was
very slim. He came over to the table and started to talk to me in English. He calmly said that he was
perplexed that I was so scared since he made it clear the last time that they had met he would return
to ask a favor. He then turned and raised his hand, gesturing to a woman who walked into the room. She
seemed to be a normal human female and quite beautiful. She had a small bundle in her arms and walked
over to me. It was an infant, but it had pale skin and didn’t look quite human.”
“The tall man instructed me that he wanted me to take the infant and care for it. It needed the
love of a human mother since their race did not understand the emotion of love. I told him that I
couldn’t because I already had a child and it was hard enough raising my son alone on a farm when times
were currently difficult for me. He raised his head up and down as if agreeing with what I said and
passed his hands across my eyes. I must have passed out because I awoke to found myself in my bed.”
“It was daylight and I figured that I had been ‘gone’ for about 5 hours. When I tried to get
out of bed, my legs and hips were very stiff and sore. I carefully stood up and noticed 2 large spots
of wet blood on the bedsheets. The experience with the beings was still fresh on my mind but I had no
idea that I had endured any probing or surgery.”
“A few days later, I decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment just to make sure I was OK. The
doctor recommended a full physical since my blood pressure was higher than usual and my ankles were
swollen. An appointment was made at my local hospital for x-rays and blood work.”
“To make a long story short, I returned to my doctor’s office a few days after the tests were
performed. When I walked into her office, she asked me to sit down and explained that my right kidney
was missing. She said that it was probably missing since birth and was just never noticed. I found this
hard to believe since I had given birth to my child and have had other x-rays in the past. I just
agreed with her assessment and was instructed that I would need to start taking hypertension medication
and would need to be regularly monitored.”
“I am positive that the beings removed my kidney and performed other experiments on my body.
Though it has been almost 20 years since that encounter, I just know that they will be back.”
“Lon, have you ever heard of organs and/or body parts being harvested from abducted humans?”
“I sincerely hope I can eventually get some answers.” Rosario -- near Cody, WY

NOTE: I did talk to Rosario and assured her that she wasn’t the only person that I knew of who had
whole or parts of organs removed during an abduction or encounter. It’s been about a decade since I
last talked to Rosario for an update. I hope she found some solace. Lon
Lon Strickler,