America’s secret airline is seeking flight attendants

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NO amount of air miles will get you seat aboard “Janet” -- the US government’s top secret airline
that runs a daily service ferrying secret government workers to and from their jobs at the National
Security Site also known as Area 51. The secret passenger fleet operates out of Las Vegas from a
restricted terminal and consists of 18 planes, including six Boeing 737s, all painted white with a
thin red stripe down the fuselage and no other markings. The “Janet” call sign is thought to stand
for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal” or “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation” --  
nobody knows, and the organization has been shrouded in mystery ever since the service began in 1972.
But every once in a while, just like any other airline, Area 51 Airways is looking for a new flight

I found the unusual job offer on the official careers website AECOM, a private defence
contractor that operates the highly classified government shuttle service for the US Air Force.
Flight attendants must have top secret security clearance, which is clearly stated in the posting,
alongside the standard duties you would expect for a flight attendant position. The job would require
flying in and out of Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport (picture a secret door at the end of the luggage
belt to access the secret terminal).
Here are a few highlights from the job posting:
Position Title: Flight Attendant

Business Line: Government
United States of America -- Nevada, Las Vegas
Job Summary:
Performs Flight Attendant duties aboard company operated aircraft. Reports to Operations one
(1) hour before scheduled flight or as otherwise assigned by supervisor.
Briefs passengers on aircraft emergency equipment and procedures and ensures passenger
compliance with all safety regulations.

Manifests flights as necessary and ensures security practices and procedures are followed.
Must be willing and able to provide leadership, direction, and assistance during an
emergency, including aircraft evacuation.
Must be level-headed and clear thinking while handling unusual incidents and situations.
Perform light cleaning of aircraft interiors.
May perform additional duties as directed within the terminal area, or at other company
office locations.
Minimum Requirements:
Possess basic math knowledge and basic computer skills. Must qualify for and maintain a top
secret government security clearance and associated work location access. Possess a current State
issued driver’s license.
Preferred Qualifications:
Local Candidates Preferred
Prior Flight Attendant Experience Preferred
Active Top Secret Clearance Highly Desired