7 Sinister True Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark

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‘After that day, I never heard a single voice again. I do not like to imagine what was waiting
downstairs for me that night.’

TURN off the lights and prepare to be scared by these 7 terrifying and unsettling true ghost
stories. From a little girl in a yellow dress that only appears at night to a policeman who
encounters a strange and unexplainable case that’s decades old. And just who is the little boy with
no eyes that haunts a terrified family? Settle in for some creepy tales of paranormal encounters.

Ready? Then let us begin…

1. The Figure In

Dark Robes
I’ve told this to a select few. And while “creepiest/scariest” is subjective, in the context
of my life, it truly is the creepiest and scariest unsolved mystery.
I was a freshmen in high school in my hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. I was sleeping over
at my friend, Tom’s house. We were watching a movie in his living room when he suddenly got a phone
call. I watched as he listened to what was being said on the other line. I watched as emotion poured
over his face as he threw the phone across the room.

After moments of crying, he told me that a boy at my school had committed suicide. Now, I
knew this boy only through seeing him in the halls. My friend Tom and I didn’t go to the same high
school but Tom had gone to middle school with this boy. Apparently, Tom bullied him during those
years. He wasn’t proud of it, and to be honest, I was pretty surprised because he was a great guy.

He had utter remorse.
We decided to sneak out and go for a walk. The year was roughly 1990. Maybe 1991. We were
freshmen in high school. Now, sneaking out was nothing new. We always did it. At the time, we
weren’t into drugs, alcohol, or partying. We just liked the freedom of walking the streets at night.

The discussions were always great.

Normally, we’d go walk through the big cemetery that was near my house. It was behind the
train tracks that still run through La Crosse to this day. We loved the danger of the cemetery. The
scares. We were kids. It was a rite of passage. As we walked along the train tracks, leading to the
cemetery, we stopped. To this day, I can’t explain why. We had walked into that cemetery dozens of
times...       and on scarier nights.
For whatever reason, we didn’t want to go in there. I don’t know if the thought of death on
our minds due to my classmate’s suicide was a factor. Perhaps. Regardless, without really saying
anything to each other, we stopped, turned around, and decided to head down a nearby street.
Now, in retrospect, I do have to say that throughout this walk, things seemed off. There
wasn’t a car in sight. This was suburbia. Even walking through the town’s main street was odd
because there just weren’t any cars. Odd. It was roughly after midnight. It was a weekend night.
Where was everybody? Perhaps just a strange coincidence.

Lastly, there was something in the air. Both Tom and I felt it. We even brought it up.
“It feels weird tonight. The air. The lights.”

So, we decided to walk down a dead end street. At the end of the street was a ditch with a
simple up, down, and up trail that led to the street that I lived on. Simple enough.

Keep in mind, as I get into the horrifying part of this story, that we were in the suburbs.
These weren’t old, creepy houses with strange individuals. And the trees were small. It wasn’t a
brand new development, but it wasn’t that old either.

So, as Tom and I are walking down this street, we’re looking down to the road beneath our
feet as we talk. I don’t remember the exact conversation at this particular moment. Perhaps, we were
talking about the tragedy of that night. But it could just have easily been about Star Wars or

As we approached the dead end, which was a few houses away… Tom and I suddenly stopped. We
did so at the same time without saying one word to each other.

Our heads slowly turned towards each other, both sensing something. The hair on our arms and
backs of our necks standing high. Then our gaze slowly moved forward in unison, slightly to the

That’s when we saw it.

About two houses away, in a virtually barren front yard of a suburban home, besides some
bushes, was a     DARK FIGURE. It was someone or something in dark robes.

No face. No features at all. Just the robe.
Now, this figure didn’t acknowledge us. Not yet. It instead walked or moved in a certain
way. I can’t articulate it correctly. As if it was walking in circles slowly... without really
walking. It held something that was blowing in the wind. And yes, the wind picked up a little bit as
well. Another odd element was the light that illuminated it somewhat. There was a street light a few
houses up, but it wasn’t strong enough to illuminate this figure as it was.
Tom and I were frozen. In fact, I’m almost frozen as I write this. It’s been awhile since I
have thought about this night. So there we stood, frozen in fear, staring at this dark figure
moving, yet doing so without moving. And it was holding something. Or perhaps, what was blowing in
the wind was more of its robe. I’m not sure.

We stared at this       thing... for I don’t know how long…  until…
IT STOPPED AND SUDDENLY LOOKED UP AT US, as if finally alarmed by our presence!

That was enough for us. We ran away as fast as we could. We cut through a side street that
was to lead us to a parallel street towards my neighborhood. This street lead to a slight hill. As
we rounded the corner and started running up the hill in a panic…
We stopped. Because on top of that hill, we saw another dark figure with its arms raised. We
turned around and ran away in the direction of Tom’s house, which at this distance was at least five
miles away.
We ran. Time stood still.
The next thing I remember, we’re lying in the middle of a courtyard of some other
neighborhood that we’d never been in, gasping for breath. We sat up and without saying a word, we
walked in silence back to his house. The air felt normal again. Although we felt like we were in a
haze of sorts. Albeit out of danger.

We fell asleep in his house. I woke up that morning and went home.

A few days later, I rode my bike to the location. Perhaps, it was shadow play? Perhaps,
there was a certain tree or bush or maybe a For Sale sign or something that made it look like there
was something else there?

Nothing. It was an open yard.
Tom and I didn’t speak of that night for a long time. Years later, when I brought it up, he
replied, “Yeah. What the hell was that?” As if no time had passed.
What was it? I have no idea.

We hadn’t taken any drugs. We hadn’t been drinking any alcohol.

I often wonder if it could have been a haunting, a specter, a ghost, etc. Maybe, it was an
alien abduction or sighting. We saw no craft but there was that unexplained light. Or maybe, it was
some other kids messing with us. But how would they have known we were coming? How could they be so
I just don’t know.

That was roughly 24 years ago, give or take.
And yes, this IS a true story…

Sadly, my best friend Tom passed suddenly a few months ago. I thought of this night during
his funeral. I thought of returning to that site. I thought of the odd coincidence of unexpected and
surprising death, just like my classmate that night. Is there a connection? Were we seeing some
future fate for one of us, which sadly fell upon my best friend Tom? Was this all some dual
hallucination (In my mind, no way)?

It haunts me at times.

 -- Ken Miyamoto

2. The Little Boy With No Eyes

One night, when I was 10, I was asleep in bed and was woken up by my bedroom door opening,
then someone sitting on my bed. I felt the graze on my leg and the bed sink as they sat. Thinking it
was my mom having something to tell me, I open my eyes only to see a pale, eyeless (just black empty
sockets) boy who seemed to be my age sitting at the foot of my bed with his legs crossed “staring”
at me, or facing my direction since he had no eyes.

He then reached his hand toward me and he was holding what looked like a little black box. I
was freaked out, but as I reached to grab it, he hesitantly pulled back. I reached out further for
it and said “give it”. As I did so, I blinked, and by the time I reopened my eyes, he was gone, the
spot of the bed where was sitting lifted back into place but the imprint of someone sitting there
was still present.
I told my mom in the morning and she was slightly freaked but assured me I was just
Fast forward 5 years, I had my girlfriend over to do homework. After homework, she took a
nap while she waited for her parents to pick her up. When they arrived, I tried waking her to let
her know. I nudged her, and she opened her eyes so sudden already looking in the direction of the
corner of the room where the wall meets the ceiling, lifting her finger and pointed. And as fast as
she woke, she fell asleep again. I attempted to wake her again. She came to full consciousness, and
I asked her what the hell that was about and explained what she just did. She said, “oh I thought I
was dreaming, but up on the wall I saw a little boy with no eyes just there in a ‘Spider-man’ pose
staring at me”. That’s when I freaked out and told her the story, for the first time, of when I saw
what I guessed was the same kid.

Fast forward another 5 years, still with the same girlfriend, and by this time we had a 2-
year old daughter. We were living in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. My daughter would wake up
at the same time every night and start talking. For a while, we thought it was a normal baby thing,
until I noticed it was almost the same conversation every night. I playfully asked her one night who
she was talking to every night. She responded, “a little boy, he talks to me, he’s nice. He’s lost
and looking for his mommy.”

I told my mom what happened the next morning and before I got to tell her what I thought,
she said “I remember when that happened to you, then your girlfriend, I have no idea what that is.”
By then, neither my girlfriend or I have seen the “little boy” after our first encounter, but my
daughter continued her nightly conversations until we got our own place later that year.

– Kmendo4

This is a story I do not often tell. I promise, sincerely, that this has scarred me for life
and although I have looked into psychological explanations for what I heard and natural explanations
for what occurred, they remain unsatisfactory.

When I was a child, I was scared of the dark. I swore to my mother I heard voices in it.
They were not evil, but they were not familiar and so they scared me. It was not uncommon in the
middle of the night for me to wake up and hear “whispers” as I would call them when asking my mom.
She figured they were just “bumps in the night” and typical kids nightmare material. I tried often
to explain to her that it was more than that, that they sounded different from one another the way
people’s voices do.

On some nights, I would get so scared from these “whispers” that I would sleep in my mom’s
bed with her. It was an added bonus that the bathroom was directly outside of her bedroom door for
my late-night tinkles.
I should add at this point that when walking out into the hall to go to the bathroom, you
looked directly down the stairs that would lead you into my living room on the first floor (as my
mom’s bedroom was on the second floor).
On one such night, around Christmas, I awoke and felt the need to relieve myself. I walked
out from the door and distinctly heard the phrase “Look!” and to my astonishment, a red light,
almost like a spotlight, was cast upon the wall at the very bottom of the stairs. The light had no
other source, it was by itself, and I was transfixed by it. Being a little kid, and it only being a
few days from Christmas, I KNEW what this light was. IT WAS SANTA!!! How else could he get into my
house to know I was being a good boy. I was so excited I began walking down the stairs to greet him,
picking up my pace after the second step as it began to creep off the wall and fade into the
darkness in my living room.
That’s when I heard him. A very strong, masculine voice. Different from the first. Not at
all like my father’s (not to say he isn’t masculine, it was just distinctly different). It said
“Stop! Right now. Go back up those stairs.”
I listened, turned around, and what happened next I am not sure I would believe if someone
had told me this same story. After reaching the top of the stairs, I heard a very loud CRASH that
sent me running back to my mother’s bed where I jumped straight under the covers and stayed there
the whole night.
When we awoke the next morning, the poinsettia lights (little Christmas flower lights that
glowed red) my mother had put on the railing down the stairs were pulled straight down to the bottom
of the stairs, some broken from what seemed like a forceful tear, laying in a single pile. The dry
sink in my living room had fallen from the wall. My mother could not explain it! My father was
worried we had been the victims of a home invasion. My sister was crying. There was nothing missing,
nobody had broken in, there did not seem to be any reason this had happened. And then I saw it, and
I kept quiet about it because I was so afraid that I could not force words out of my mouth.

There, on the edge of the wooden dry sink which had been facing up, were three indentations
where the finish on the wood had been worn, almost as if in a forceful grip. Something down there
had GRABBED IT AND THREW IT DOWN. That was what the bang was.

I was mortified. After that day, I never heard a single voice again. I do not like to
imagine what was waiting downstairs for me that night.

– Momsdayprepper

4. Behind the Shower Curtain

In seventh grade, my friends and I went over to “Mary’s” house intent on playing with her
mom’s Ouija board that night. None of us had played with one before. Mary’s mom was an extremely
spiritual person who believed in energies, witchcraft, stuff like that. Before we used the board,
Mary warned us that her mom would be really pissed if she found out that we were playing with it
because Ouija boards can attract bad spirits into the home. With full knowledge of this, we decided
to proceed anyway.

This Ouija board was not like the average Ouija board you had ever seen. Along with the
usual characteristics (the alphabet, “yes”, “no”, “goodbye”), there was an entire array of symbols
and signs that were all arranged in a circle. This was some seriously intricate stuff.

We started just goofing around and “communicating” with random spirits here and there until
we finally met one that had us in tears the entire sleepless night. First, we asked the spirit if it
was a man or a woman, to which he replied “M-A-N”. Then we asked how he was killed: “M-U-R-D-E-R”.
That freaked us out only a little bit but we were mostly excited. All of a sudden, before we even
asked another question, the glass goes to the eyeball symbol, then spells out “I-N”, and goes to the
water symbol.

We didn’t have a clue what that meant. It wasn’t too scary until the spirit spelled out “S-
H-O-W-E-R” and my best friend realized that the spirit was trying to get us to look into the shower.

We froze. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life, especially sitting directly in front
of the bathroom with the shower curtain all the way closed, faced in my direction. We all screamed
and promised on our friendships that we had not moved it ourselves (very important promise). I felt
like I was being watched and my friends thought so too. It was only 4 of us and I believe with all
my heart that none of them had moved it because we were all too nervous to do anything.

I’ll never use a Ouija board again because of how crazy and intense that night was. I
understand that people say Ouija boards are controlled by your subconscious but f**k that. I know I
felt something in that room with us. I know it was dangerous.

– Lemoninwater

5. The Little Girl Who Lives In The Walls
When my wife and I bought our first house, an old Victorian style built in the 50’s, almost
every night we heard what sounded like a kids’ footsteps running down the upstairs hallway and other
random sounds. My wife mentioned it to one of the neighbors and they said it was probably just
peacocks on the roof -- the house backed up to a conservation area where wild peacocks lived and
they would occasionally get up on the rooftops. That answer made sense so we basically got used to
it and eventually ignored it.

Less than a year later, our son was born, and when he was one, he would balance all of his
toys on top of other toys and made them spin -- literally found the center of balance of various
toys and would walk in a circle around the room giving each a gentle touch to keep it rotating, it
was the weirdest and coolest thing I had ever seen.
When he was 2 or 3, we would hear him talking in his room at night, and one night, I asked
who he was talking to. He said “Tracy”. I asked who is Tracy, and he says “the girl who lives in the
wall. She’s usually nice, but sometimes she scares me.” He described a girl with brown hair in a
yellow dress who would play with him sometimes, and occasionally wake him up at night but he didn’t
seem bothered by any of it, just startled sometimes. He would talk about her once in a while but it
wasn’t a common occurrence.
A couple years later, we had added on to the house and moved the master bedroom downstairs,
switching the kids rooms around. Our youngest was now in his old room, and about ready to transition
from crib to toddler bed. She had always been a sound sleeper but she cried almost every night in
that room. Her first night in the toddler bed, we heard a loud thud followed by screaming and rushed
into the room, thinking she had fallen out of bed -- she was on the other side of the room. Got her
calmed down and back to bed and it happened again the next night, so we ended up switching the kids
rooms back and they were fine.

We looked up the history of the house but didn’t find anything about any missing little
girls or anyone with the name Tracy that had lived there. Eventually our son stopped talking about
her and a few years later I ended up taking a job with another company and we moved.
The house was empty for a few months after we moved and the neighbor across the street
called my wife one day, said about a week after we left she thought she saw our daughter looking out
the window so she waved to her – and then she remembered we didn’t live there anymore.

– Ron Rule

6. The Policeman and The Soldier
I had a call to a residence for a mental evaluation or a “5150.” Anyways, I get there and
speak to a 50-something-year-old woman, who states her 20-something-year-odd son is under the
influence of an unknown drug, and kept repeating that he can’t go in his bedroom because there was
an old man hanging in his room. She stated she was too scared to go in his room and investigate it
for herself, because he constantly brings over friends that are drug addicts, and is unsure if his
claims were true or not.
I then go speak to the son, who is clearly under the influence of a stimulate. He goes on to
tell me that he was told by a “spirit” to not enter the bedroom, because her father, dressed in his
military “Class A” uniform was hanging in his bedroom.
I check the room out and of course there was no body hanging in the room. As I’m in the
middle of explaining to the mother that there was no body in the bedroom, a veteran officer arrives
on scene to assist me.

He pulls me aside and stated earlier in his career he responded to this residence, and that same
bedroom, he had to investigate a suicide by hanging of an older male subject. He didn’t remember all
the details, so I looked it up in our report management system in my patrol car and sure enough the
officer was correct. The subject who died was a WWII veteran and had dressed in his military uniform
and hung himself.
In my mind, I always thought that when they purchased the home, possibly this incident was
disclosed to them? However, I thought the mother would have mentioned it to me, if it had been
disclosed to her. She was genuinely concerned about her son and the allegations.

– smw2102

7. The “Other” Room
This is one my dad told me. When he and his brother were younger, they took a job to clean
out some old ladies attic.The lady lived in a regular one story house with a normal attic space (the
kind where you can’t stand up fully, you have to stoop down and crawl everywhere). She had been
hearing animals moving around, and wanted some of her stuff pulled out of there before it got chewed
up. For some reason, the attic only had one crawlspace, and it was in the living room off to one
So they pulled up a folding ladder, put it underneath, and my uncle climbed up and pushed
the door up. He popped his head through, and the attic, dimensions of space be damned, was an exact
replica of the living room underneath it. Complete with lighting and doorways leading to god knows
where. My dad was standing underneath, looking up he could tell something wasn’t right by the light
and the way the roof looked too far up, like getting vertigo.
My uncle closed the door, apologized to the lady, and they both took off. My dad said that
his brother wouldn’t talk to him until they were about a mile away. He just saw That look on his
face, and when his brother said “we’ve gotta go”, he didn’t argue.

– Monkeiboi