13 Terrifying True Ghost Stories You Shouldn’t Read Alone

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From haunted nursing homes to terrifying babysitting encounters, here are 13 of the most chilling ghost stories

LOOKING for a scary ghost story or two? Thousands of people around the world are sharing their real-life paranormal encounters on Reddit. We’ve collected ghastly ghost stories for your reading pleasure in the past, but we couldn’t resist sharing 13 more. From tales of a nursing home that is haunted by its previous patients to a scared babysitter that comes to realize she’s not alone in the house after all, get ready to keep the lights turned on tonight as we journey into the unknown.

1. The Good Deed
It was not me, it was my father.
He was in a van going to a church function somewhere in Iowa. They were traveling down the highway when they saw a guy walking down the road and the youth pastor decided to pick him up since it was raining.
They asked the guy where his destination was, it was just past the town they were heading to.     
The rain turned into a very strong storm it was late afternoon and it was pitch black outside. The group kept in high spirits singing church songs.
When they were going past the town, they couldn’t see anything. Shortly after passing the town in the middle of nowhere, the gentleman said this is my destination. It is still storming bad outside. The youth pastor says we can take you farther. The guy says this is where I need to be. So, they stop about two to three miles past this town. The guy then asks for some money. The youth pastor felt moved to give him the four $100 bills in his wallet, all the money he had.
The guy exits the van a large crack of thunder turns their heads away. They look back, there is no man there anymore. Split second and he is gone and the rain had just stopped.
The group was shocked they said a prayer for the guy and went back toward town. They turned onto the exit for the town and saw the town it had been ravaged by a tornado about when they were going past on the highway. They went into the town to immediately start helping people. Later that night, the youth pastor pulled out his wallet and there in his wallet are eight $100 dollar bills.             -- bbq_licorice

2. Two Bullets
I was a rookie cop when my brother committed suicide. He was one of my older siblings but we were very close. He died in another state, and I had a lot of guilt then about not recognizing the signs. His remains were in bad shape by the time he was discovered, so it was a closed coffin service.
About a week after he died, I was back at work one night, and my partner and I see a pimp pistol whipping one of his girls. I jump out and the pimp sees me and the foot chase was on. I was running after him, gun in hand, and he cuts through a narrow corridor under a building that leads to a courtyard in the middle.
Right before I reach the courtyard, I hear “It’s okay” in my dead brother’s voice. I hit the courtyard and the guy is against the side pointing a gun at my head, and squeezes the trigger twice. I froze for a millisecond and then started beating him in the head with my revolver. Till this day, I don’t know why I didn’t just shoot him. Cuff him and walk him back to the street and find my partner. I tell my partner about him squeezing the trigger, but not the voice I heard. We unload the gun (.32 revolver) right there, and 2 bullets have strike marks on them.
Take the gun to the lab for testing. Tell the tech the story. He puts the two bullets with strike marks back in and shoots into the test tank. Both bullets fired.                         -- Jwalsc

3. The Nursing Home
I used to volunteer at a nursing home where we had several instances where new residents accurately described former residents down to specific nightgowns or color of glasses who I and the staff knew had died in that room and complain about them coming into the room at night. Then once, I was walking through the hallway and it was normally uncomfortably warm inside but I felt a chill and goosebumps. One of the CNAs said I had just walked through a ghost. I couldn’t get warm again for the rest of the day. There were flickering lights and tvs turning themselves on. Several of the staff were from the same southeast Asian country and they were talking about ghosts and disrespect for the dead so much that management had someone come in to do a candle light ceremony and this Lady with crystals and dreadlocks came in to do a sage brushing. Things calmed down after that. Lights stayed on better and the residents seemed calmer.                     -- Nerdgirl2

4. The Patient
A good friend of mine while doing his rounds as a young intern, he is now a neurosurgeon, he had just looked in on a dying patient. After making the patient comfortable, he exited the room, sat on a nearby chair to write his report. After few minutes, he looked up and saw this patient walking down the hallway. He called to the woman but there was no response. As he stood up to walk after her, she disappeared. He quickly walked toward the patient’s room and saw a light under the door. When he opened the door, it was completely dark in the room. So he turned on the night-light, went over to the patient and felt for her pulse. She had died. He swears to this experience.   
-- Jwalsc

5. Standing Guard
We used to live in a battered women’s and children’s shelter when I was young, because my father was looking for us (ugly divorce, Alabama gave him custody, mom took us to WA). One night, I looked in the mirror and saw a kind looking man, that I can only describe as a ghost, appeared at the end of my bed. He was there all night, but gone when I woke up in the morning. Then, the next night, and the next night. He was there every night for four months. We never talked, he never moved. Just stood guard.
Then, one night he woke me up from my sleep, and I’ll never forget how surprised I was, because I’d never seen him move or talk. He said, “He’s coming. Get out now.” So we packed up the car and left to a hotel for the night. The next morning, we went back to find out someone had broken in and gone room to room looking for someone.
I never saw him again after that.     
-- CharlieBaumhauser

6. The Pentagram
I woke up one morning with a pentagram, scraped out of the frost, on the outside of my bedroom window. My bedroom was on the second floor, and while there was a first-floor roof, there were only 3 prints in the snow on the first-floor roof which had probably ten feet between the edge and my window.
Also, no prints in the show at the ground level.
This was 20 years ago, and I still wonder what it was about.  

-- BigGreenYamo

7. The Babysitter
When my niece was really young, she was in a bouncer at my sister’s house, I was house and babysitting.
I had left her to go to the kitchen to grab some water. My sisters chocolate labs were probably sniffing and licking her head because I could hear her giggling like she was having a blast. I hadn’t notice how cold it had gotten. Then I heard it. A loud wooden SNAP. Like a thick piece of wood had been snapped in half suddenly or a tree was knocked over.
I ran into the room and what I saw and smelled freaked me out. The dogs were huddled in the corner whimpering, my niece was just staring at the ceiling corner with wide eyes, and it was cold and smelled like Stetson.
I took her and we decided to go to a different room. When my sister finally came home, I told her what happened. She just rolled her eyes and said “that is Hugh.” I was confused. She said Hugh was the previous owner of the house who had died 10 years before his wife sold it. She said he likes to follow my niece around and you can tell it his him because the dogs freak, it gets cold and smells like cheap cologne.
I don’t believe in that shit, but I do believe that feeling you get in your gut when something doesn’t feel right.   

-- ExcitedForNothing

8. Bon Voyage
My dad passed away a year and a half ago and since then, my family (two sisters, brother-in-law, and mom) have vowed to take a family vacation every year because my dad loved travel and we didn’t get to do it with him nearly enough -- something I think we all regret. This year, we went on vacation to Maui which was one of his favorite places in the world.
We landed at the airport, turned on our phones and started checking messages, voicemails, etc. as we taxied to the gate. I pull up my email and I have a message from my parents’ joint email address (still labeled as dad) and it’s pictures that he and I had messaged back and forth not long before he died. My sister opens her email and she too has a message except these were pictures of her wedding that were taken a few months prior to his death. Mom opens hers and she has a different set of pictures. Each of these emails were sent at the exact same time (the day we landed in Maui) but in the body of the email, looked to have been forwarded on different dates. None of us know how to explain it. So weird. -- ChristineNoelle

9. Voices in the Cave
I work as a cave guide and lead tours where we take people actual spelunking. Well one day, we take a group down in the cave and everybody is having a good time. We stop to take a break at a part of the cave where you can hear the underground stream that flows through the cave. We have everyone turn out there head lights where it’s complete darkness, it’s very relaxing. Then all of a sudden we start hearing what sounds like people talking out in front of us and sounds of what seems to be rocks being thrown in the water. The thing is there is a 100 foot drop in front of us and the stream is at the bottom of that 100 ft drop. I’ve never heard anything like that before in the cave and neither had the other guide that was with me. It was kinda creepy, but we decide it’s just the sound of water sounding like voices, because sometimes if you listen long enough, the water sounds like muffled voices. However, I have never heard that noises coming from that particular spot it’s usually off towards the right of where
stop. Which is why it was creepy, this was directly in front of us.
We continue and complete the tour and after cleaning up some of the gear decide to go record the noises with our phones. As we are going back into the cave, a different tour is coming out. This tour takes people on concrete trails through a different part of the cave, but the walk by where the spelunking tour begins. The guide off this tour looks at the both of us and a little surprised and asks “How did y’all get out so fast?” We are just like dude we have been out for an hour. He says that his whole tour could hear people talking back in the cave where the spelunking tour goes. Now everybody is kinda creeped out and we have to call the law enforcement officer and go look for people that snuck into the cave.
We never find anybody or evidence of someone sneaking in.  
-- stone_huntsman

10. The Old Woman
Laying in bed one night, it’s pitch black apart from the light creeping under the door from the landing. My mum was actually with me in the same room as we had only just moved in and she was sleeping on the floor. I look up and the door slowly creeks open and slowly an oldish women peers around the door looks at me and goes away.
I just thought I was in a nightmare and turned around real fast and went under the covers, hoping I would wake up.
Then I will never forget my mum whispering to me “Did you just see someone peer round the door?” Safe to say we didn’t sleep a wink that night.   

11. Nightmares
I was a caretaker of a small uninhabited island off the coast of Maine and my girlfriend and I started having synchronized nightmares about things that we had never discussed before. They involved very specific themes and after month of this happening, we were gifted a history book of the island that had a small chapter in the back that mentioned the exact hauntings.         -- robotrossy

12. The Nanny
I was a nanny for about five years to a wealthy family, they lived in an enormous house on a lake. The mom had had a lot of close relatives pass away in a brief amount of time and was struggling with grief. The kid was about six months old and mom had gone to her counseling session to help accept the loss of her loved ones, and weird stuff started happening the minute I got there. Toys lined up on the counter by themselves, I saw a piano chair pull itself away from the piano, called my sister thinking I was going crazy and she asked me if there were other people there because she could hear people talking in the back ground, and finally the baby started screaming in his crib like he had been pinched. I ran upstairs to get the baby from his crib but the door closed in my face, when I finally got it open, he was in the middle of his floor reaching up to something in the corner like he wanted to be picked up. All these events happened within a 45-minute window, it was intense. We ran outside and stayed there un
til his mom came home, she claimed to have similar experiences which was making it difficult for her to heal from her losses. Scary. Ass. Shit. I still worked there for a long time and nothing happened after that.                      -- Dtmourp

13. Demon Dog
My uncle told this really fucking creepy story about a good friend of his who worked in the K-9 unit (he is a police officer). K-9 officers have to take their dogs home at night. The officer and his wife were having marital issues and they had been angry with each other. The wife told the officer to put the dog outside and so he did. Locked up the house, went to bed. About 10 minutes later, the dog comes into the room and starts bothering the couple. The wife says “I thought I told you to put that damn dog outside!” The officer replies with “I did…” “Well he got back in!” The officer then gets up to put the dog back outside and when he reaches the sliding glass door, he sees his dog, barking and growling running around. He immediately lets go of the dog in his hand and stands back. The dog proceeded to stand on two legs, and walk through the glass and disappear into the night.
After the officer got divorced, occasionally, he will have contact with the wife and she has reported seeing the same demon-dog thing multiple times and before when she was a child.  
-- EpicTacoTruck           

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