Christmas decors

November 10, 2018
Filipinos are known for having the longest holiday season and I agree since right after All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days you can already see the sprouting of streets with colorful lights and unique decor.

Again and again

November 03, 2018
We take time off to visit our beloved dead and we flock to the cemeteries to visit their tomb or vaults (for those who have been cremated). I was watching the news on television yesterday and most of it showed the tons of garbage left by those who visited the Manila North Cemetery. Why are we like this?

Are you really recycling?

October 27, 2018
But are we indeed recycling starting with our water and trash at home. It is indeed easy to just throw water that we use to wash our clothes rather than use it again to wash the garage, the cars or what other not so delicate items in our midst.

Social Media

October 20, 2018
Times have indeed changed. And fast. With social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, SnapChat, and others, we in the newspaper industry are catching up. Is there a cause of worry? There will always be people who prefer to read the hard copy. Call it convenience or force of habit of just their choice of lifestyle.

The heat is on

October 13, 2018
We are now reeling from extreme weather conditions due to climate change and the last few days we felt the heat of what is supposed to be the rainy season.

Our teachers

October 06, 2018
October 5, 2018 was Teacher’s Day and I would like to give tribute to all the teachers who continuously prepare our youth to become the future citizens of this country.

We are prepared

September 16, 2018
As I write this column, Friday afternoon, we are prepared for the coming Ompong typhoon. It is not anymore a super typhoon, as per news reports. But the winds are quite strong and what we are preparing for are the floods and storm surges in the coastal areas.