Taiwan at Interpol leads to a safer world (2)

November 14, 2018
When a powerful local politician – wanted for alleged links to illegal drugs and high-powered firearms – was nowhere to be found last year, President Duterte seemed so incensed that he offered a P5-million reward to intensify the nationwide manhunt for the elusive fugitive.

A safer world with Taiwan at Interpol

November 12, 2018
As the transnational crime rate soars in this era of globalization, police around the world must help each other. Efficient cooperation among all police forces is essential to fight crime, stop criminals, and locate fugitives in every nook and cranny.

Was the solemn message really the joke?

November 05, 2018
Many were in utter disbelief. Was it really President Duterte asking Filipinos to “emulate our saints”? And did he really think that saints “deeply inspired us to grow in faith, hope and love”? Or was it more likely that our President thinks saints are foolish and those who revere them are idiots?


November 02, 2018
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” The famous quote on lying and deception – part of the 1808 poem Marmion of Scottish novelist Walter Scott – could best describe the web of falsehoods hounding the image of Saudi Arabia and even of US president Donald Trump.

Lapeña’s stubbornness & gallant flip-flop

October 25, 2018
It’s nice that Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña finally got enlightened, lest the perception could remain that people, particularly those in media, could either be on the payroll of drug syndicates, or of the Bureau of Customs, or perhaps even of both, in the controversy over the supposed smuggling of drugs in magnetic lifters.

Saudis’ alleged misdeed; Taiwan’s good deed

October 18, 2018
It’s a raging controversy that won’t simply go away. It has the potential to blow up and plunge the world into a deeper crisis that could hurt developing countries like the Philippines. The alleged murder and mutilation of a renowned journalist right inside Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Turkey is something civilized people certainly find horrific.

Teaching our teachers

October 04, 2018
As celebration of National Teachers’ Month culminates today, Oct. 5, when World Teachers’ Day is commemorated across the globe, it’s fitting to again pay tribute to the special men and women who nurture young minds and develop citizens into becoming productive members of society.